another disappointment

The little girl lost another tooth yesterday and the wife knew this. LG asked me to put it in a zip lock bag so the tooth fairy could get it, so I did and she stuck it under her pillow.

Did the wife give me the dollar so that I could take it upstairs later and make the switch? Go ahead and say no because you’d be right.

The little girl woke up this morning and said “There’s no money under my pillow” and I said “the tooth fairy will try again tonight baby”.

The wife is the worst tooth fairy on the planet. We were having a conversation in the kitchen about the lg’s tooth and I said that she didn’t sound disappointed that the tooth fairy didn’t come. The wife said “She probably expects it at this point” and then she said “we are the worst tooth fairies” but it’s all on her. How many times do I have to remind her to get money when one of the kids loses a tooth? Perhaps I should just have a stack of dollar bills so I don’t have to bother her with it at all and though that would fix the immediate problem, it skirts the issue of me always having to remind people of things multiple times a day. As a partner in this relationship that shouldn’t totally be my responsibility. Does that make sense or am I just being too petty? And why should lg feel disappointed because of these things? Yes they are little things and yes they are traditions in our culture and yes, the wife hates tradition, hates Christmas, hates Easter and doesn’t give something trivial like the tooth fairy a second thought, but I wonder what goes on in lg’s head about these kinds of things? I wonder what she really feels about little disappointments that aren’t a big deal to her mother but are probably pretty significant to a 7-year-old mind?

If I asked her, she’d just say “I don’t know” or not want to talk about it. Maybe I’m reading too much into all this and maybe I’m just projecting my own emotions about some stuff but it seems to me that if I were in lg’s shoes, I’d be a bit sad about this sort of thing that isn’t a big deal to a grown up.


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