more bailing out

The oldest was supposed to get some stuff for the pool for his mom and he forgot. Instead of making him go back to the store which would take away some time with his girlfriend, she just says “Fuck it, I’m leaving” and she does it herself. No wonder he doesn’t take any responsibility at home. It’s all on her, the way she bails his ass out. So what if his girlfriend is only here for a few hours. she used to say that good decisions had good consequences and bad decisions have bad consequences. Maybe that only applies in certain situations and not across the board. I even said “then make him do it” and when she said “Katie is only here for a few hours” I said “who cares?” That’s when she said “fuck it, I’m leaving.” such stupid crap. See, I tried to tell her to make him take ownership but how much can I do when I’m the only one trying to steer the titanic?


7 thoughts on “more bailing out

  1. I don’t know. I’m like this as well. Sometimes it takes more effort and aggravation to “make” someone do something and it’s just easier to take care of it myself. I only have so much fight in me and my kids and drain a lot of energy out of me that is already lacking. I do see your point though.


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