The other day, we were in target getting a new comforter and we passed by the Easter isle and she said ‘I hate this Easter crap, but we might as well look while we’re here.” We found nothing and then a friend of our suggested a prepackaged deal form a store so she wouldn’t have to do anything but go pick that up.

Fast forward to just a few minutes ago and The wife is still going on about Easter saying “this Easter crap isn’t going to take care of itself”. she’s just getting prepackaged candy bouquets from Kroger and on the way out the door she sighed exasperatedly ‘i hate this fucking shit”.” She hates Christmas, really hates Easter and says that she probably ruined Christmas for me because I used to like it pretty well.

I would like to just go away for a while and still have the ability to be the invisible man to see how it would all get along or not get along if I weren’t there.

At least I think it’s cute that the kids are excited about Easter even though we don’t really celebrate it and even though that’s the case, I’m not a grump about it all.

I hope you guys have a happy Easter and if you don’t celebrate it, have a fantastic Sunday.


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