I live with clowns

I’m calling for the little girl after I come in from getting the little boy off the bus and she doesn’t answer me. I walk around the house calling her name and two other idiots in here can obviously hear me calling for her and they have sight but do they offer to help, even if it means interrupting work or watching youtube? Hell no. It turns out that she was outside in the backyard but I asked the oldest kid about that and he said he didn’t see her walk out but then she came back in the kitchen and didn’t answer me when I called her. I can’t tell you how many days that I have hated being a blind parent and I know that it has nothing to do with my disability. Sorry for venting but I had to tell someone. At least everyone is back in the house but that’s not the point that no one around here seems to get.

On a lighter note, the other morning, after I gave the little girl her 5 minutes, I told her to get out of bed and she said “Daddy, you’re interrupting my dream”. I said “your dream is not a television show”. After around 10 seconds, she said “Okay, done.”

I have to write these things down for two reasons. First, to remember the few good times and Second, I have to write these things because no one would ever believe that they happen.