post Christmas Blahs

I don’t know if I’m going to continue the reluctant parent because I don’t really seem to get much feedback on anything but then I think I can understand why actually.

If I really didn’t know me, I probably wouldn’t want to read about the life I write about either.

Christmas is over and the wife is cranky and is struggling every year, as she apparently has for many years in the past, even before the little ones came along, as to whether she wants to do Christmas the next year.

She doesn’t feel that anyone enjoys the food she makes and I tell her that I do and she comes back with “but you only eat one plate”. Regrettably, I’m no longer in my 20’s. She asked the kids what they got for Christmas and they can’t remember anything except the ring pops they were holding and she’s going to take the tree down tonight, no matter how miserable she is.

I told her, why don’t we just skip Christmas next year and we’ve talked about this before and I’ve suggested things like maybe going to a homeless shelter or a battered woman’s shelter to help out for the day but she always says “What if it’s traumatic for the kids’ or “I’m just being selfish” or some other stupid shit, just another example of it’s not my idea so I am going to tell you all the reasons why it can’t work out.

So here’s the question. Isn’t it more selfish for her to do something she really doesn’t want to do because she thinks it’s what should be done, no matter how miserable it makes her? After all, that always spills over on everyone else, it’s just part of being human.

Sure, I enjoy the meal and the tree is okay and hearing how excited the kids get over the presents is cute but none of that is worth anything if it’s going to make someone else in the family unit so miserable that she questions every single year whether or not she should do the same thing the next time.


5 thoughts on “post Christmas Blahs

  1. some words from a long time reader…


    it sounds like the drawback of the season is the attitude of someone in the house. is the problem the season or the attitude of someone in the house? it seems she has one attitude and carries that throughout the year.

    ask her what fuels her attitude, in a much nicer way, mind you. perhaps the root of the problem can be found and work at it from that end. then, perhaps the attitude would change.

    this might be a little out of you speciality. what about broaching the idea of therapy? i’m willing to believe that will go over like a lead balloon.


    • yes you would be precisely right. I once suggested that we go to a marriage retreet weekend and her response was would you rather go to a weekend of pampering at a 5-star hotel and a spa or a retweet where they just play games all weekend? And then she said “if we have issues, I don’t know about it or can’t see it”. What do you do with that sort of situation?

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  2. continuing….

    her ever stepping up to that idea. again and unfortunately, the choice is your; can you continue with the status quo or do you what to find out there’s is more to life. you might be able to find that on your own. the attitude would be gone and you could life through most than the current dark brown colored glasses.


  3. wonderdaze says:

    Yes is the answer to your question. Take a listen to this

    She doesn’t seem like she is in a place to actually hear you, but your insight is right on!


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