even Halloween isn’t fun around here

The wife was working late again and pretty adjetated by the disorganization of a big client her company asked her to work with so when she came out of her office, she said “have the kids had dinner yet?” I said no” and then called them downstairs. The little girl wanted chicken soup so the wife put the soup in a bowl and started to head over to the microwave and lg did something dumb and the wife yelled ‘You almost made me drop your soup!’ I was still in the way so I backed up, trying not to bump into her but I did anyway and said “I was just trying to get out of the way. “Aren’t I allowed to be startled?” she said sarcastically.

I got the boy’s chicken nuggets made up and forgot to ask if he wanted them cut or not and since they were dinosaur shaped, he cried when I gave him his nuggets so I committed a parental atrocity by cutting them in half. The wife said “that’s why I ask every time”.

Her dad is over handing out candy because a long time ago, I volunteered to hand out the candy for the kids who would come to the door and she said “They may not be comfortable approaching you because of the way your eyes look” or some shit like that and I said “It’s Halloween, they’re not supposed to be comfortable”

every couple of years I volunteer to help out by handing out the candy and she says “we already talked about this, the kids not might approach you and you won’t know where they are anyway.” You know, it’s not brain surgery, I hear a group of kids, ask them what costume they have on, put candy in the bag or bucket, they say thank you and I say you’re welcome. Having sight isn’t a prerequisite for doing that last I checked and it’s a small way for me to help while she takes the kids trick or treating.

You know, she asked me yesterday to walk with them tonight but then for some reason, changed her mind when her dad said he was going to come over to hand out candy. I think for him, it was just a routine but I was happy to walk around the neighborhood with the kids.

After her frazzled day at work, I said I can take the kids around the neighborhood and she said “no, it’s okay, I’m having a beer and I’ll be fine in about 20 minutes.

Is it any wonder I’m not a fan of any of these holidays really? Well, I do like releasing scary music on Halloween so there’s that, the one thing that brings me something for the most part, my music, oh, and like I mentioned, the brainpickings newsletter.

I’m still not sleeping good because of my shoulder but I’m having physical therapy tomorrow so hopefully in a few weeks, that will start to be resolved a little anyway.


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