no one says “you’re welcome” anymore

You tell someone “thank you” and they say things like “No problem’ or whatever. What is that all about? It almost seems like saying your welcome is too personal. I looked it up once and I’m not the only one who had the question.

I remember when I was in therapy a long time ago after the little girl was born and the therapist said that maybe I should tell my wife thanks for doing all that she does.

everyone falls into the trap of taking someone for granted and I know that this was an attempt to try to address that so in the car on the way back home, I told her that and instead of your welcome or anything else she says “Your therapist told you to say that didn’t she?

Often times when I thank my wife for doing little things like picking up dinner or giving me a ride somewhere, she says “You don’t have to thank me, we’re married” and it’s with an almost imperceptible annoyance, like she doesn’t like being appreciated.

She even told me once that she doesn’t need recognition at work or appreciation for much because she just doesn’t care about that stuff.

even after almost 13 years of marriage, it’s a strange dynamic to try to navigate, but then maybe I’m the one who is just off and reading the lack of a need for thanks as something which is akin to marginalizing my appreciation of the other, if that even makes sense.


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