I am living groundhog day

and I hated that movie but it has become my life.

every single day I ask the kids to do something, it doesn’t matter what but I get met with “just 5 more minutes” or “Just a sec” which turns into a half hour. A polite respectful request soon turns into a shouting match, usually between me and the kids but sometimes between them and their mom. At least the nights are getting a little better with the little girl who is at least not coming downstairs because she forgot a toy.

The wife says “The summer hasn’t been horrible has it” with that tone that implies that if I say that it was, I could just tell it would be marginalized with the “Oh that’s crap” line so why bother at this point? I hope her windows were worth almost a whole summer of the kids being bored. I hope she likes the view and the energy savings because, even though she says that money isn’t everything, she counts the cost of everything and knows the value of nothing, a quote I’ve probably written here a time or two before.

I hate the movie groundhog day.


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