looking forward to fall

The wife said yesterday “Only 4 more weeks until, the summer hasn’t been that bad.”

Well yeah, if you take out of the equation that the kids don’t have a whole lot to do around here, that it’s been too hot to go to the park but that a friend takes them to her house twice a week,, I guess it hasn’t been that bad. I still think they would have gotten a lot more out of going to the day camp but she doesn’t want anything to derail her plan to get a pool at the beginning of next year, or her windows or her precious shutters.

I guess having all that material shit is a much higher priority than having her children engaged in activities that would allow them to enjoy their lives between school semesters.

but then, I don’t know anything, I’m just the support system, the one who does everything behind the scenes, and, contrary to what she would verbally say, my voice doesn’t matter as much.


3 thoughts on “looking forward to fall

  1. Here’s to looking forward to school. Mine go back next Tuesday the 2nd. How have the little boy and girl handled the summer with you?


    • the little girl says that sometimes she’s bored and can’t wait to go to first grade. She’s been excited to go to the next grade since she got out of school in June.

      The wife takes them to the pool some nights after dinner but when we have our own pool next summer, it will be a lot easier to keep them entertained, probably, though, even then, I would opt for day camp because there’s more activity than just swimming and they could always swim in the new pool at night and on weekends anyway so it’s not like it would be a waste of money either way.

      I just wonder if the wife will enjoy the pool after work? hmm.

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      • Well that’s good she’s excited for school. And no she won’t. She’ll find something else to fix or buy and bitch about because she’s obviously never satisfied. Cheesus. Some people. Hope you stayed cool this past week and weekend. I didn’t go outside yesterday. Even my dog was like NOPE!


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