I wish I didn’t like chips

tonight, the little girl came home and she wanted some chips so I gave her a little bag and in a couple of minutes, she said “I’m going to eat chips every day”.

I said, knowing how much I love chips, “that’s not good for you”.

She said “I’ll make a pattern, chips one day, no chips the next day”.

I said “why not a pattern of chips one day, no chips for 2 days”?

She said “no, why”?

I said “because eating chips every day isn’t good for you”.

Then I felt like a hypocrite because I really really love my chips. I told her “You’re still young enough not to get in that bad habit of eating a lot of chips. I wish I didn’t like chips. If we didn’t buy them, you won’t be able to eat them.”

So there’s my dilemma, as much as I hate hypocrisy, I tell my daughter that it’s not good to eat a lot of chips but it’s a weakness that I can’t seem to get a handle on myself.


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