hypocrisy in the house

this afternoon, after we got back from having ice cream and purchasing some paint, the wife spent some time painting the sides of the kitchen cabinets, even with the kids around.

The little boy got hungry so he and I walked into the kitchen and I started to get him some food when the wife yelled to him “Stay away from those cabinets”. He had gone over to the drawer where the spoons were like he usually does when he wants some sausage and eggs.

She said “did you touch my cabinets? Let me see your hands.” She said “Damn it, I told you to get away from the fucking cabinets!” and he cried since she yelled really loud at him.

She says to me “here’s his fucking spoon!”

The first thing that is wrong with this situation is that she should know not to do her god damned fucking painting while the kids are up, especially in a room like the kitchen.

The second thing that is wrong with this situation is that, if I were working on music while the kids were up and I had the same reaction, I would have gotten yelled at for being over reactive.

I felt compelled to become violent so I just walked away but the urge to do something like smash her cabinet of wine and champagne glasses was a picture that I couldn’t get out of my head and even a couple of hours later, the whole thing is still pissing me off.

She’s such a damned fucking hypocrite, it’s her idea or nothing is good enough. If you try to counteract what she wants to do with a logical solution, she’ll have a counter argument ready but if it’s an idea that she doesn’t like, she’ll try to convince you with her logic that it can’t possibly work.

I’ll be glad when she goes away on business the week after next.


5 thoughts on “hypocrisy in the house

  1. Aww poor little guy and poor you. I would have said/yelled at her. I hate hypocrisy. Hope the little boy is ok. And fuck her kitchen cabinets


  2. Oh gawd. Not only is she a hypocrite, but she over reactive and a little short tempered. I bet that makes it a little hard for everyone in the house.

    i offer this as a suggestion. Go to a paint store or decent hardware store and get a sheet of wet/dry 280 grit sand paper, sanding the problem wet will fix it. Wipe down the panel. Repaint _without_ the kids there.


    • I don’t know why she didn’t just do the painting after they went to bed. No, she just sits on her stupid ass playing with her tablet but when the kids are up, she has to do house projects. I’m not saying I begrudge her downtime but there’s a way to do it and still maximize her interactions with the children she wanted in the first place. Absolutely I love them but after the little girl was born, and I may have gone into this in another post, I can’t remember, I didn’t want more kids but she had to have another child and said that she would regret it for the rest of her life if she didn’t have another one. Then she said that if the little girl was her first one, she wouldn’t want any more either and yet, for me to say that isn’t a good enough reason not to want another one.

      I don’t know if that all makes sense but if it doesn’t, I’ll try to tell the story coherently, as much as I can anyway.


  3. I told her that she should probably paint after the kids go to bed because she really yelled at the little boy. She said “Yes I did, they’re old enough to know what don’t touch the cabinets means. I really can’t paint at night because I need the light”. Now, I’m not saying that this isn’t a legitimate argument but it seems that such lines of reasoning are conveniently available to her when they fit whatever her agenda is at the moment. does that all make sense?


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