secret slide

the little girl woke up this morning and said “Daddy, I wish there was a slide from my room to the ottoman.” I asked “why?” and she said “Because slides are fun. Actually I wish there was a tunnel to the slide to the ottoman so it could be a secret slide and I wish the slide was quiet so I could sneak up on you”. I need to document these things because nobody would ever believe they happened. lol.

looking forward to fall

The wife said yesterday “Only 4 more weeks until, the summer hasn’t been that bad.”

Well yeah, if you take out of the equation that the kids don’t have a whole lot to do around here, that it’s been too hot to go to the park but that a friend takes them to her house twice a week,, I guess it hasn’t been that bad. I still think they would have gotten a lot more out of going to the day camp but she doesn’t want anything to derail her plan to get a pool at the beginning of next year, or her windows or her precious shutters.

I guess having all that material shit is a much higher priority than having her children engaged in activities that would allow them to enjoy their lives between school semesters.

but then, I don’t know anything, I’m just the support system, the one who does everything behind the scenes, and, contrary to what she would verbally say, my voice doesn’t matter as much.

I wish I didn’t like chips

tonight, the little girl came home and she wanted some chips so I gave her a little bag and in a couple of minutes, she said “I’m going to eat chips every day”.

I said, knowing how much I love chips, “that’s not good for you”.

She said “I’ll make a pattern, chips one day, no chips the next day”.

I said “why not a pattern of chips one day, no chips for 2 days”?

She said “no, why”?

I said “because eating chips every day isn’t good for you”.

Then I felt like a hypocrite because I really really love my chips. I told her “You’re still young enough not to get in that bad habit of eating a lot of chips. I wish I didn’t like chips. If we didn’t buy them, you won’t be able to eat them.”

So there’s my dilemma, as much as I hate hypocrisy, I tell my daughter that it’s not good to eat a lot of chips but it’s a weakness that I can’t seem to get a handle on myself.

a good price for music


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I want to resign from the battle

last night, when I went to go upstairs to read to the kids, I discovered that there beads all over the carpet of each kid’s room, even in the closets. Instead of reading, we spent at least a half hour, maybe more, cleaning up beads and it’s not even close to being done. I help by putting the beads into bigger piles and they have to put them in the container so at least I’m trying to get them to take some responsibility. As I may have mentioned before, it was a monumentally stupid idea for the wife to get this shit for the kids in the first place and I believe I also said that next time they got the beads all over a room, I was going to throw them away. They have to be cleaned up before then can be thrown out but that was the consequence that I laid out so I’m going to stick to that.

If the wife were here, she’d give them another chance and then another, not implementing any real consequence but merely the threat of such and my question is how long does that work?

Here’s how a typical conversation goes between her and one of the kids, and actually sometimes with me, sadly, partly because I don’t want to her her stupid shit about how I’m either overreacting or whatever.

the little girl will get an attitude and the wife will say something like “we’re not going to the pool” and lg will whine “Okay, I’ll stop”.

The same day, lg gets another attitude and the wife will say “do you want to go to the pool”? lg will say yes and the wife will say “then stop!”

It’s always that way, just a threat of a consequence but nothing is ever ever followed through with.

Her justification for this is that sometimes all it takes is a threat, especially when it comes to spankings which I know don’t usually work anyway but why does it have to apply across the board?

Those of you who have kids, I’m interested in any thoughts that you may have on the subject.

she never ceases to amaze me

The little girl and I were playing hide and seek and when I found her she said “Awwe, I wanted to win.” I said “You didn’t tel me that.” She said “Oh yeah, I forgot.” I said ‘am I supposed to be able to read your mind?” She said “I could put my mind in braille so you could read it”.