an interesting question

the other day, the wife and I were talking and she kept saying ‘I just love that lot behind the creek. If we could move our house to that lot, I’d be happy.” I said “Except that the little boy needs to stay in the school he’s in.”

She said “What is your kneejerk reaction to when I talk about wanting another house?”

I said truthfully that it depends on the day, which in part that’s correct.

And then I said “Well, I know that you having a new project to work on would make you happy” and I left it at that.

my internal reaction on the other hand was that it shows how incompatible we are becoming in some respects. She needs more land and a house to always work on, I could live in the same house for my whole life, given that the surroundings didn’t go to hell.

I’m sexually more kinky than she is, and no I won’t bore you with the details, unless you really want to know but most people really don’t so we’ll leave it there and she’s very vanilla.

sex doesn’t cross her mind at all and I think about it quite a bit.

You know what’s odd is that we don’t really fight at all and we are on the same page with a lot of the things with the kids, except for this day camp that I wrote about a little bit ago, which I still think is a good idea, either that or I’m just an acquiescent little puppet who is always being counteracted and maybe a friend of mine is right when she says “it’ll be good for you and the kids for her to travel, that way you can raise the kids the way you want since you do most of the work anyway, you won’t have someone there implying that you’re doing something wrong”. And this is a dear friend who we’ve both known for 5 years.

We don’t disagree about anything regarding the kids in front of them and they can’t play us off each other because we don’t allow that. If one of us says no, the other will too and if we have a disagreement about it, we talk it out when they’re not around.

still, there’s this sense that I’ve had for probably a few years that we’re just roommates raising the kids and I have to be honest and say that if I could have seen what my future was going to look like 12 years ago, I probably would have made some different decisions, about what, I can’t exactly say. I’m just feeling a bit reflective I suppose and just needed to write for a bit.

As always, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “an interesting question

  1. no! no! i want all the gory and sordid details about your sex life! lol

    i live in a nearly sexless relationship, like you. that shifts the definition of kinky.i mean does some groping and intercourse really qualify and kinky?


  2. jilldennison says:

    I do NOT want the details of your sex life, but I will say that I am like you when it comes to the house thing. I have it all arranged just as I want it and I don’t even like the furniture re-arranged. 😀 By the way … I figured out why I am not automatically following your blog … I cannot find the ‘follow’ button! 🙂


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