my only political rant

This story disgusted me and it goes to the very heart of why I detest the democrat party in our country. Make no mistake, the republicans aren’t any better with their loose lipped opinions on issues of morality that the government should absolutely stay out of. However, this sort of hypocrisy is part of what makes progressives progressive.

from our dear friends, the cowardly democrats who exhibit tolerance only if the ideology matches up with their own brand of “free thought”, we have another case of these idiotic hypocrites who won’t even accept a double minority as a fellow man unless he tows the party line. With these radical liberals, it’s never about gender equality, equal rights for women, equal pay, or anything else that they claim will level the playing field for all of humanity. It’s always, every single time, about whether you’ll agree with their ideology and abide by their twisted belief system. If you’re a black, blind, homosexual and you’re conservative, having those three attributes don’t make you one of the good guys, even though you probably face discrimination on a daily basis. If you’re a Latino lesbian but you’re conservative, you don’t really believe in women’s rights, even though you’re one of them. If you’re an old white woman who has a cheating white man for a husband and you’re a democrat, just by virtue of your gender, you have enough experience and are a valid voice for the movement and possess the thing that makes it acceptable for you to be a feminist. tably-conservative/?utm_content=buffere5b52



2 thoughts on “my only political rant

  1. I don’t think the ideology is the problem, the problem is the radicalized station There are many examples on any side of ideology of how radicalization can be bad for society. If you want to cherry pick one one cherry, that’s fine. know that there are plenty of cherries on the other side of the tree and that’s independent of any Ideology.


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