running out of happy faces

Have I used that title before in a post? If I haven’t, maybe I was just thinking about such a title, something that a friend of mine said to me a while ago.

The wife still wants to get another house, what she really wants is more land, which reminded me of “How much land does a man need” where a dude was told that he could have as much land as he could run around in a 24 hour period. He kept running faster and faster and at the end, he had a heart attack and died. He only needed 6 feet of land.

The kids are out of school and I’m still on the hunt for a walking partner. I may have found one, it’s hard to tell just yet. I guess we’ll see after our first walk, whenever that happens.

The teenager graduated from high school on Friday and someone asked the wife if she cried and she said “Hell no, I’m glad it’s over.

We had a patio party to celebrate his graduation on Saturday and to celebrate her new job. Yes, she got the job so she’ll be traveling a lot, probably not right away, but eventually.

Her mom is down for the week and we were talking about how someone said that one of my tracks was brilliant and I said that I don’t think of my music that way. She said that I should be proud of my music because I have the ability to pull all this emotion out of it. You know it’s strange because, though I am proud of my music, I don’t say very much about that and prefer to let other people say what they will about things.

I’m on dish patrol more than usual and I think I was up until close to 2 in the morning doing dishes after the party we had on Saturday. It was a nice time for the most part. The wife’s dad is so loud that he can make a room of 5 sound like 20 people easily and the noise was just too much for me at one point and I just wanted everyone to go home.

So my life is just as it normally is, dealing with the kids which I don’t feel like I’m very good at a lot of the times, even though people think I’m a good parent, composing and releasing more music but no longer doing my radio program which feels really good. Maybe I won’t bring the internet broadcasting back after all. I’ve done it for almost 8 years.


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