4 fun facts

SassaFrass the Feisty did this and it inspired me to do the same. Here’s the link to her entry which you can follow back to her very cool blog.


Four names people call me other than my real name?

let’s see, there’s Daddy from the little girl, dada from the little boy, sweety from a friend of mine (I like that one the best) and the wife used to call me honeybunny.

Four jobs that I have had?

customer service in a call center, Technical support engineer (why the fuck do they call it that, I’m not on a god damned train), research assistant for a government agency (I got caught up on a lot of reading there) and my current job as a stay-at-home dad which is more stressful than the other three combined.

Four movies that I have watched more than once?

The Rocky series, though 5 through 7 weren’t worth the film they were made on “If he dies, he dies”

shawshank Redemption “god damn cats climing trees, 5 times 5 is 25, fuck this shit, fuck it!”

Startrek IV, The Voage home “We’re talking about the end of every life on Earth, haven’t you got any god damn feelings about that?”

A Christmas story “You’ll Shoot your eye out”

I promise you, I didn’t google any of those quotes so if you want to google to see how wrong I was, go ahead. lol.

Four books or authors I’d recommend?

John sandford, Vince Flynn and since I haven’t read in a long time but have authors I’d like to read, I can’t put them here because I haven’t actually read them so they wouldn’t be honest recommendations.

Four places I have lived?

akron Ohio, (one of my favorite places) Tallahassee Florida, Boiling Springs North Carolina, and San Antonio Texas.Four places I have visited?

Four things I’d rather be doing right now?

Playing music, eating Ice cream, cuddling (if I could find someone)

Four foods I do not like?

Meat of any kind, milk chocolate, Brussel sprouts, chocolate ice cream

Four of my favorite foods?

pizza, blueberries, cheese, Pasta

Four shows I watch?

Nothing current so The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, The Jeffersons, Becker and Happydays.

Four things I am looking forward to this year?

I don’t know how to answer this one really.

Four things I am always saying?

“fuck this shit”, “stop being mean to your brother”, “I love you baby” to my daughter and “I hate mornings”


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