she found another house

The wife fell in love with another house yesterday so she asked me if I was interested in looking at it. After we moved into this last one, she said “We’re never moving again and if we do, I’ll be signing divorce papers because my husband hates moving.” That’s almost a direct quote. A warning to new followers. This may be a wandering stream of conscious post.

The wife loves projects and to fix up the house. She repainted the whole inside, had the outside painted, replaced the carpeting on the stairs and 2/3 of the upstairs with wood, put in elfa shelving in the downstairs closet and we just had around a third of the windows or more replaced and a brand new patio put in the back.

She’s running out of projects so now she’s in love with a house that was built in 1987 that needs to be brought into the 21st century.

It’s got a lot of stuff she would do like take out all the wallpaper, popcorn ceilings and carpet, not to mention the landscaping. This house is around 3100 square feet with 5 bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house we looked at today is 4500 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Two big problems with the new house are that it’s around a mile from the school so I’d have to walk the kids that far myself, which I could probably learn and it would be a good way for me to lose a little weight, not that I have that much to get rid of but what better way to get healthy than to walk 4 miles a day, even if it’s in the heat which I don’t like.

There’s no park nearby which I take the kids to all the time around here because the wife is always working and it’s just easier for me to take them there and watch them play rather than hear her yell “I’m working, leave me alone!” all the time.

I said “if it wasn’t for the project, would you still want to move?” and she said “it’s more than the projects, it’s a good investment.”

I said “Okay, so if we move and it takes you forever to do all these projects, what are you going to do when they’re finished?”

She said “By that time, we’ll be ready to downsize”.

I said “If you like working on house projects, why not just spend some volunteer time working at habitat for humanity?” She said “Because it’s not for me and it’s not on my schedule”. Now that’s an exact quote.

I look at a house as a place to live and enjoy your life, not as a continuous project that always needs to be fixed. I get that there’s always something to do in a home, really, I do, but at some point, why not just spend some time enjoying your life in the house that you’ve fixed up instead of always having a project/ I just don’t get it.

The teenager said “We could build them a little park in the backyard with a fort and a sandbox” and the wife was sad because we’d have to take out a tree or two to put in a pool.

I said “as much as I don’t want to say this, since, if you get this new job where you’ll be gone 70% of the time anyway, and we’ll need to hire someone to help with the kids in the evenings, like cooking and checking on papers and the like, I suppose that person could be a liv-in since we’d have the room and she could drive the kids to school in the morning”.

I’m always doing that, putting other people before me and though that sounds good in theory and it’s even admirable to a point, though I absolutely hate it when people say they admire me, there has to come a point when there’s a tipping point and I wonder how close am I coming to that, really?

I just don’t know, it seems to me like we’re just becoming two different people than we were when we first met and I suppose that, over time, that happens.

If we decide to do this I said “if you get this new job, and you’re gone all week, when are you going to have the time and energy to get this place ready for sale?” She said “Well, I do all the house stuff on weekends anyway so it won’t really be that different.”

She has a nice glib answer for everything, a counter argument for every challenge that I propose, well, except the live-in co-ed, that was my idea, but a guy needs some action once in a while. lol. shit, I can’t believe I just fucking said that, but hell, why not be totally honest. No, that’s not the primary motive in all that and if it was, I’d be one disturbed mother fucker, but it did cross my mind. Hell, I’m already disturbed anyway and I think that’s becoming more apparent every day, the more I exist on this planet.

When people ask the wife what I do, she tells them that I’m a stay-at-home dad and that I write music for horror films. lol.


One thought on “she found another house

  1. Id put my foot down and tell her no because of the facts that it’s further from the school for the kids and there’s no park for them to play at. PLUS it’s too big of a house for you yourself to be in alone with the littles (even with a live in, which i don’t blame you one bit on wanting) She’s being selfish, not thinking of a house as a home and really gives to show about your opinion so she’s just gonna do what she wants. So if that’s the case tell her you won’t move, you want a divorce and then she’ll have to pay you because you have been the stay at home parent and so on and so forth.
    I really can not stand selfish people like that so put themselves before their kids.


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