another update

I think it’s obvious that I’m running out of creative titles for blog entries that describe my weary existence on this planet.

The wife is coming back from Denmark today and the teenager, even after being reminded several times throughout the week that she was gone, still didn’t get gas for her car. He spilled pineapple juice, or claimed that it just fell out of the refrigerator when he opened it, and didn’t do a good job at all cleaning it up and not wanting to get ants because it’s the spring, and the cleaning lady was just here, I had to do my best to finished the job. You know, as useless as he is, it would just be better if he wasn’t here honestly. Go ahead and say I’m heartless for having such a thought but he’s an example of what happens when you spoil your kid. As the wife says “at least he’s not on drugs” but that’s just a way to minimize my feelings and perceptions on it by stating that it could be worse. That doesn’t negate the fact that if he doesn’t get his head out of his stupid ass, he’s going to be a god damned failure at life and though that will be difficult, maybe that’s the only way he’ll learn not to screw off. He had to be at work at 11 yesterday morning and he got up at 11. I said “dude, they’re going to fire your ass if you’re late to work” and he said “I didn’t hear my alarm”, meaning that he’s not responsible for that.

Nothing pisses me off more than people who won’t take responsibility for themselves in what they need to get done or people who are hypocrites.

At least the wife gave the kids hugs when she left, which is more than I got.

Maybe it’s time to make more noise music and I have the perfect title.

“I walk through my life like a lethargic disconnected zombie pretending to play a role I wasn’t designed for”


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