More form my daughter

She asked me to log onto the internet so she could get a stuff animal from the television. She said ‘all you do is fill the toy with water, put the back on, put it in the spin cycle of the washing machine, and then the dryer and it will be all soft and round.” I said “We’re not getting toys from the television” and not wanting to hear “why?” I said “because they’re cheap, they won’t last, they’ll fall apart and then you’ll cry”. She said “No” speaking up like she does with attitude. I then said “Besides, it’ll take 7 days to get here and you’ll forget all about it and it’ll fall apart because it’s cheaply made and then you’ll cry. do you want me to make you cry?”

She said “No” speaking up with the same attitude and then said “But you can just remind me every day about my new toy.” I just can’t ever win can i? I feel like Virgil in the Inferno when he read the sign that said “All ye who enter here, abandon all hope”. Why was that sign not posted outside of the infinite portal of parenthood?


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