another update

Since the child of rage movie has been haunting my thoughts ever since I saw it a few weeks ago, I decided that I just had to create my own set of ambient tracks inspired by the movie. I haven’t released it yet but if any of you would like to hear the finished album, just let me know and I’ll send you a copy without the artwork because that’s all I’m waiting on in order to release it.

In other news, the wife may be getting a different job with a software company that she really likes. It pays a lot more and it’s 70% travel but as a friend pointed out “she doesn’t help with the kids that much so it doesn’t matter”.

I haven’t been so inspired to work on much collaborating with people but I did get some projects done and I’ve been rereleasing a lot of my old stuff on my bandcamp site, music that was out before I had that page up and running.

we had an IEP meeting for the little boy and they’re going to let him take another year in the preschool program he’s currently in but also add some kindergarten so he’ll get the best of both worlds. The school assures us that if he’s not 100% ready for first grade at the end of next year that he can do kindergarten at the school where his sister is going which means that I’ll be walking him to and from school and he won’t be taking the bus.

The teenager is still getting grade notifications of work not being turned in and when I ask him about it, all he says is “I’ll turn it in”

I don’t know, I just feel pretty bla lately and I don’t ever post how I’m feeling about anything personal on things like Facebook because I did that once and my sister said that I deserve better and the wife saw that and said “well now I know what your family thinks of me”. That was maybe a year ago so now I’ve learned to just not say anything about anything to anyone except 1 or two people who I know and even to them, I don’t say much anymore anyway.


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