another cheery morning, yay

My day started out a little rough as they usually do with my daughter. I gave her 5 minutes as usual before she needs to get out of bed and when I went up there, her bed was empty and when I called for her, she didn’t answer. She does this all the time and so as not to wake up the 4-year-old, I didn’t yell for her but just kept looking around parts of the house.

She finally answered me and I just lost it on her.

She knows that I can’t see her so when she deliberately doesn’t answer me when I call her, I take it as a form of blatant disrespect for my situation and outright defiance.

Yelling didn’t work and the wife is totally against spanking but there are times when I feel that it’s warranted and this was one of those times. She has got to learn that it’s not okay not to answer me.

We were singing bingo on the way to school so everything was back to normal before we even left but I was thinking in the back of my mind "her and I shouldn’t have to live this way, fighting every morning just to get her up and ready for school. Does the wife help out? No, she just lays in bed, hearing everything but not offering to assist, unless I go in there and ask her to and I shouldn’t have to be the one who always has to ask for help.

I’m always saying "if you need me or my help, I’m always here" it’s never ever the other way.


3 thoughts on “another cheery morning, yay

  1. You shouldn’t be parenting alone. That’s as bad as getting a pet and not giving it attention. *Sigh* Big Hugs


    • she wanted the cat but I’m the one that feeds and waters her and changes the litter box. At least she takes care of her cold blooded reptiles and a friend of mine once said that she seems to like those animals better than the ones with warm blood.

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      • Oy vey. I was going to say something not very nice but I felt it was too over the line.
        It’s a shame that she’s more interested in her reptiles than her own children. It really makes me sad, knowing I have a friend struggling with fertility issues and WANTING children with her husband. They should seriously give out tests to make sure some people shouldn’t have kids. Just saying.


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