no time left for anyone

My daughter wanted to make a birthday card for the crossing guard since tomorrow is her birthday. I told the wife that and she said "Oh that’s sweet" and in the same sentence, "You’ll have to remind me later because even though I’m out here making my lunch, my brain is on work".

Needless to say, the card never got made because, after she got the teenager from work, she just had to go to the container store to get more elfa shelving, which won’t be able to be put up for a day or two anyway because of the painting that she’s been doing between working.

My question is the following. Is it really my job to remind her to do stuff with the children or to remind her to look at the kids papers once a week from school. Why the hell should I have to be the one to remind her of anything just because she can’t be bothered to remember details because she’s a "big picture person"?

You know, maybe it is time for me to stand up for myself but I just don’t know how, and though that may sound like a pathetic excuse, it’s really not because I’m just not the assertive type, never have been, it’s just not part of who I am.

She wanted these kids and she wanted the cat but I’m the one cleaning up the shit, feeding all of them almost all the time because she can’t be bothered to even make something as simple as a smoothie which she knows the kids love.

Oh but she can spend hours painting the closet even though it kills her feet? She’s got time for two things, her house and her precious career which pays for the lifestyle that she wants.

She comes home from working with a client on Sundays that she doesn’t like working for and she doesn’t want to hear their drama and she spent afterwards but when the teenager asks her why she’s doing a job she doesn’t like, she says "because she won’t let me quit".

I said "What’s the real reason?" She says "because I’m loyal to a fault which is the same thing as she won’t let me quit".

How many of my followers think that’s crap? She loves to give lip service to taking responsibility but at the same time doesn’t want to own something she says by calling it what it really is, if that all makes sense.

A dear dear friend of mine said ‘You need to get a job since the kids are in School". and "So do I, we need different lives".

I’ve been out of the workforce for so long that I don’t really know what I’d want to do anyway. Some people have said that I should go into sound design or write music for video games and I do okay with my music, hell, it’s even on iTunes and other places like Spotify.

Another friend said to me a few years ago "no one benefits from living with a malcontent" and maybe she’s right but I know that my daughter would be absolutely devastated if I left and it makes me sad when I think of that possibility for her to be honest.


One thought on “no time left for anyone

  1. When she speaks of loyalty, ask about loyalty to hers kids and her family. She doesn’t appear to have time for either of those. Sounds like disloyalty to me.



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