should I receive workmen’s compensation?

The wife and I moved everything out of the closet earlier, well most of it and then she had to go to the bank to get some cash for a patio set she found on craigslist.

while she was gone, the teenager was upstairs doing nothing as usual and when the wife came back, she yelled for him to come downstairs and start demolition on the master bedroom closet. He said "there’s still stuff in there". She said "you could have opened your mouth and said something to Scott, why can’t anybody do anything when I’m not here?" I felt like saying "Because you’d say we did it wrong when you got back" but as usual, I didn’t say anything.

The teenager and I got everything else out of the closet, piled up in a corner and I asked "can I help with demolition?’ She said something about "do you want to do the demolition because you enjoy it or because you want to help?" I said "it doesn’t matter why." She said "if you want to do demolition but don’t enjoy it, there’s other ways you can help." I said "I can help with what is the most efficient way to do so."

I texted a friend of mine to see if she had a sledge hammer but the wife found another hammer so I started helping the teenager demolish shelves, which I really enjoy. I even have an audio recording of it. At one point, I missed and hit myself in the head with the hammer, not very hard but it was enough to draw blood and put me out of commission for the rest of the demolition. see, that rhymed. I haven’t listened to the recording to tell if you can hear the headshot but I’m not feeling dizzy or anything weird and it’s been a couple of hours so I’m most likely okay.

After the demolition was over and the bleeding abated, I carried a bunch of shelves form the closet to outside. A couple of them landed on the grass and the teenager said "you should put the shelves on the driveway because if they’re on the grass, mom won’t be happy. I said "Well, if she doesn’t like the way I’m doing it, she can do it herself."

They’re off to get the patio furniture and I’m trying to not do anything exerting for a bit.

I wonder if I’ll ever have a full 12 month cycle where there isn’t some remodeling going on and we can just enjoy the house? Probably not.


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