I couldn’t believe it

the other day, I was talking to the wife and relayed to her a conversation that I had with another friend of mine who also does internet broadcasting.

I told him that I thought it would be helpful for his audience if he put the websites of what he plays so that people can buy or download the music if they’d like to.

He told me that he’s seen my playlists and that it looks like a lot of work to do that.

I told the wife that I couldn’t believe that someone would say that because it really isn’t that hard to either use google or look up the artist another way and she said "Not everybody has the leisure time you do".

I just couldn’t believe she said that so I really didn’t respond, much like when we were having a conversation about sex maybe 6 months ago and she said something that I just couldn’t believe and so I allowed the shock from my disbelief to override any sense of thought as to a response to the statement.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this sort of thing but for her to say something like that, isn’t that just a nice way to downplay or trivialize or minimize or marginalize my role as the one who most interacts with and meets the basic needs of the children?

Am I crazy or actually on target for once?


One thought on “I couldn’t believe it

  1. She totally doesn’t get it. She has ZERO clue how much being a stay at home parent is, and you are visually impaired. Bitch. Sorry, she gets ZERO anything from me as a “parent or spouse”. You do it all. You are an amazing dad and musician. Keep it up!!


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