water water everywhere

the little girl spilled the wife’s huge cup of water that she kept on the table, after she asked her several times to be careful.

The wife said "go get a towel, run!"

So she ran to get a towel, all the while crying because her brother was bothering her. She asked me to help because she couldn’t get down on the floor so I got down and wipe up the water, noticed that her magazines were wet so I commented "well this shit is all ruined".

She said "Jesus Christ, I live in a house full of children. I don’t call your stuff shit!"

I said "don’t talk to me!" and didn’t say anything more because my mother always told me "if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all" which is why I write everything out.

I was left home again with the kids while the wife and the teenager went out to look for bathroom tile for the remodeling that’s going to happen and tomorrow she’s going to help her friend Michael with a problem he’s having with his house so I’ll be here again by myself with the kids.


One thought on “water water everywhere

  1. I bet it wasn’t easy to hold your tongue to her. I wonder what would happen if you just told her everything straight out? She’d probably find some way to blame it on someone or something else. Sigh. You and those littles, my heart break for all three of you. {Hugs}


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