always seem so angry

I wonder if I really do need medication as often as I want to hit things.

The wife is working as always so I’m about to take the kids to the park. Not a bad thing to do and it’s usually pretty enjoyable for us except it doesn’t always start out that way.

For instance, I asked the little boy to get my cane and when he brought it to me, the little girl cried that she wanted to get it and unfold it for me. I told her that she wasn’t the only child in this house and she said "I wish I was". Probably a pretty common thing for kids to say so I didn’t think much of that. I told her to go to her room until she could calm down so she stomped up the stairs and on the floor and I said "the more you stomp, the longer it will be until we go to the park".

While she was upstairs, I put the cane back into the drawer and when she came back downstairs, I told her that after she got her shoes on, she could get and unfold my cane for me.


3 thoughts on “always seem so angry

  1. That is very common-both my kids say that. And you did i good job with the little girl.


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