long tired day

follow up to my blog entry from earlier.

after the wife said that she didn’t want to take the kids to the parade, my daughter said that she wanted a pop tart so I got out a package and suggested that she share them with her brother so we wouldn’t waste food. She said "But I always eat two" which is totally untrue.

I was still sad by what the wife said earlier, after all, how are the kids ever going to learn to listen if they’re not given chances to do so in public places, or know how to act, or anything?

After I told the little girl she couldn’t have two pop tarts, she said "Fine, I won’t have any, and she stomped around the kitchen.

I wanted to hit something so I just threw the pop tarts across the room and said "Fine, you want them go find them!"

The wife said that was a horrible example to set and I thought to myself "then you can have their biological father raise them if I’m setting such a horrible example". which I didn’t say out loud, after all, I have some control, but I feel even that’s slipping away.

The wife is still on her knee scooter and can’t put any weight on her one foot until after the new year, something I might have mentioned so she asked the teenager to install a chandelier in the kitchen so while they were working on that, I took the kids to the park. They played on the slides and the swings and climbed rocks and all that and it was okay.

we later all went out to dinner and the kids behaved surprisingly well for once so that was nice, though I should have gotten a salad instead of that stupid deep dish pizza but none of the salad options sounded good at that moment.

I don’t know, I’m just tired of being told wat to do, being suggested to as how to do things better or in what order, depending on the task, and being told that certain battles aren’t worth it and I’m tired of fighting every day with someone over something and I have these times when I wish I was just alone because I’d only have to live with me.


4 thoughts on “long tired day

  1. SD Gates says:

    I am so with you on this one. And the thing that sucks the most is I am the smartest one in this house, but yet everyone feels they can make unasked for comments about everything I do. What the hell. I wish everyone would leave me alone too and stop trying to suck out every last drop of life force I have left.

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    • wow, we really do live in the same universe. We’ll book a one-way-trip to an island. lol. Thanks for reading. How have you been doing?

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      • SD Gates says:

        Doing okay. Trying to survive the cold and flu season at work ( Pediatrics – Winter is our busy time), trying to survive Christmas, wishing everyone would pull their fair share around the house and with the family. Feeling overstimulated, want everyone to be quiet, stop talking. Other than that I am fine. I am ready for the island!!!!!


      • yeah, I am with you except for the cold and flu. I usually manage to escape those things for the most part and I’ve been writing a hell of a lot of new music. That’s my escape from this world so it’s no wonder I’m so prolific.

        Here’s the latest track performed live last night.


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