taking initiative apparently doesn’t pay very well

I woke up a little late this morning as I find I am doing lately and my daughter, as a result, got up a bit late so, as usual, it was a fight to get her out of bed.

She came downstairs, took off her diaper and wiped up and then asked me where her panties and socks were.

She said "You didn’t tell me to bring those down" and since we were running late, I figured, I’d just go up and get them so she wasn’t late for school. the wife yells from the bedroom "have her get them herself."

All this going on while she asked me to check the litter box because the kitten is shitting in her plants.

I get the litter box cleaned while the little girl is getting dressed, go into the bedroom for something, I can’t remember what, and the wife says ‘You need alcohol already this morning?" I said "it’s not helping anymore" walked out and started to cry just before I had to walk my darling daughter to school.

I went into the bathroom and after crying for a minute or so, I had a horrible nose bleed, fucking great, just what I need this morning.

After I walk the little girl to school, I meet with her teacher to ask her if we can make our parent/teacher conference by phone since the wife just had surgery a week ago and is on a knee scooter and navigating around curbs and steps is going to be a problem.

She said that it wouldn’t be a problem to do that so when I got home, I told the wife that I changed our meeting to a phone conference since I knew she really couldn’t drive.

She said "Why? I really wanted to be there in person and told you I’d work it out."

I said "Just trying to help, if you want me to change it, just let me know." She said "I really want to be there in person, I’ll figure it out."

Wow, so much for gratitude and recognition to try to go the extra mile to make things easier for someone.


One thought on “taking initiative apparently doesn’t pay very well

  1. Why in the world is she such an ungrateful person?? I really want to throat punch her at her idiocy as a parent and spouse (and i use both loosely). I hope your nose bleed wasn’t too bad. The best part of this post-“i just wanted to walk my darling daughter to school” that made my heart melt in such a good way ❤️


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