communication breakdown

no it’s not the Led Zeppelin song form their first album in 1968, though that’s a great album.

I give you two examples of how the word drives me absolutely out of my head regarding communication and our differences.

This morning, I put the last of the ice in her ice packs for her foot and I said, more to myself as a reminder, "we need to get more ice". She said that’s not happening, I can’t go anywhere. I said "nurses use the collective ‘we’, haven’t you heard that?" She said "No". I then said "Okay, I need to arrange to get more ice" and she said "Now that, I can get behind".

A minute later, I then said, more to myself "I wonder if the cat will walk across the keyboard again?" Last night she walked across the keys and it made me laugh so I was thinking about that as I spoke those words, not necessarily a direct question but more just wondering. She says "Right nor or eventually?"

I just walked away to make her coffee.

Sure, by itself, it’s not a big deal at all and it may even be something to chuckle at but with everything else, it just annoyed the hell out of me for just a minute.

at least I arranged to get the ice.


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