happy Thanksgiving

Hi all.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a happy and Joyous Thanksgiving holiday and to give you a short update.

The wife had surgery on Tuesday for her bone spur that she’s had for 22 years. I think I may have mentioned that. They had to detach the Achilles tendon, cut out the spur and then reattach the tendon. As a result, she can’t be on that foot at all for two weeks. As a result, we’re having a very light Thanksgiving dinner this year and her dad is helping out with that.

On Tuesday her dad brought her to the hospital for her surgery, picked her up and brought her home and was out of the house pretty shortly after that. I had the impression that he really didn’t want to hang around to help too much.

And after she drove all the night through to Colorado to get him from his motorcycle wreck and after I waited on him hand and foot while still watching the kids while she worked? I just had to shake my head, not necessarily in disbelief but in the recognition of the reality that it’s just the way it is.

One day after her surgery, the wife was back at work, doing her work in the living room which was a horrible idea. Regardless of what I’d say, she had to find it out for herself and you guys know why so I won’t hammer home that point again.

The little boy unplugged her laptop which made her lose some of her work. She yelled at him which made him cry and go off alone to the guest room. The little girl would ask her a question and I don’t know how many times she yelled ‘I am working", "I am fucking working".

I took the kids to the park for a couple of hours and then a friend of mine took the little boy with her youngest to the grocery store and I took her other little boy and the little girl back to the park and ran them ragged, playing chasing games. watch a blind man chase two little ones around an open park and you’ll get a laugh for a while.

On a positive artistic note, I composed a long-form ambient track based on a time interval and since I’m using a timer to measure when she needs to take her meds, I figured, why not put the time to another artistic use by creating a drone? She is always saying that I make my drones by putting a brick on the keys so I’m using the eventide space pedal and resting it on some black keys to create the main portion of the drone, and I have an effect set up with one of the knobs that I’m turning every so often and playing random notes along the way to help the drone evolve. The working title is "medication interval" though I don’t know if I’ll release it yet.

The original drone is 3 hours, it was supposed to be 4 but the little girl wrecked the first hour by taking the pedal off the keys and trying to play twinkle twinkle little star. I didn’t get to upset, maybe just a little and then I thought, it’s not a big deal, I’ll just go with the shorter interval.

After the first version was finished, I decided to time stretch it by a factor of 6 to create a 17.5 hour drone to create a sonic space of being in a brain fog which she said she’s been in since the surgery was over. Now this one, I may add more elements, perhaps some industrial ambience during the times when her pain medication would start wearing off, maybe every three hours, have an hour or 45 minutes of more heavy metallic drone to represent the gradual return and then alleviation of the pain, if that all makes sense. It’s just a thought I’m having since I like to find ways to incorporate my creativity into most aspects of my existence.


2 thoughts on “happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I bet the little ones had fun at the park!! I just can’t get your wife. After my shoulder surgery I was in medicated la-la land for 3 days! But I’m getting more range. YAY!
    If you’ve got any more new music feel free to send it over!!


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