Christmas isn’t fun anymore

it saddens me to write these words because I had this vision in my head of the family being like it was when I was a kid in a way, the kids and parents decorating the Christmas tree. for us, it was always a fun time and it was always something we enjoyed.

The wife got the Christmas tree up while me and the kids were at the park and since it was a really cold day out here in Texas, and the little boy wanted to come home sooner, that’s what happened. As a result, she didn’t get to do everything she wanted to do without them to get in her way.

So she just leaves the containers of ornaments out, goes to run some errands and I have to try to keep the kids out of them. It worked a little bit but then she came home to drop off a kitten that she bought and then left again and then we couldn’t find the kitten after it went behind the recliner…This is a big house so she could be anywhere.

One thing that made me laugh was when one of the kids put a pair of underwear on the tree. I tried to keep the reaction to myself, don’t want to encourage that you know.

It reminded me of this clip form one of my favorite tv shows.

Anyway, after dinner the wife started trying to decorate the tree and the kids just wanted to help like they want to do but they weren’t listening when she would say to just not grab ornaments that could break so she would yell at them to stop and I thought to myself "we need to just skip Christmas next year because I don’t want to hear all this yelling". The kids wanted to help before she was ready to decorate while she was fluffing the tree and they were getting on her nerves so I told the little girl, "go up and watch one tv show and then you can help decorate, either that or we’re going to decorate the tree after you go to bed". There was probably a better way to handle that but that was the best I could do in that moment.

For someone who doesn’t want to yell at the kids, it seems to be her first resort, and sometimes mine, I’ll admit but she’s the one who says that yelling sends her blood pressure up and puts her in fight or flight mode.

So after the kids went to bed, did she and I finish decorating the tree? No, she fed her geckos and went to bed. She just didn’t feel like decorating the tree. Oh, and as for the kitten, she says "it’ll turn up".


3 thoughts on “Christmas isn’t fun anymore

  1. What the actual fuck. She started u
    Putting up the tree when you and the kids were gone, then leaves when you get back and BUYS A FUCKING KITTEN AND DROPS IT OFF??! Seriously Scott. I want to beat the living snot out of her. She has ZERO concept about taking care of anyone other than herself. Feed your fucking geckos and zero interest in the kids and the tree??? FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCKITALL!!:
    My husband called me the christmas tree Nazi because it had to be done a certain way. This year, I must relenquish control to the kids and I’m ok that that. I’ve sleazy done a theme tree since I was 12, and I’ve always been proud of that. This year, I surrender to my shoulder and will let my mom and monkey take control.
    No offense but the wife needs the stick in her ass removed as well as an emotional and parental instinct transplant. Don’t mean to offend if I do, it just irritates the holy fuck outta me what she DOESN’T do as a mom.


    • oh I’m not offended in the least. other friends of mine have their kids decorate the tree.

      She let them put some ornaments on but not a whole lot.

      We found the kitten and it’s now in the guestroom with food, water and a litter box. She just needs a little time to adjust but I think she’s going to be a good cat.

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