we had a new pet…for a few hours anyway

On Wednesday, the two little ones asked to go to the park.

Since the wife was working and then had to go to the grocery store where she really never made it because of her autopilot, I usually take them on nice days, they get to play and, once in a while, I meet another parent.

around the corner from our house, the little girl said in excitement, "Kitty!!!" and she and her brother took off after the animal.

It eventually came back to where I was standing and was following my cane as I traveled the sidewalk, once in a while rubbing up against my legs.

She said "Daddy, can we keep it?"

I said "I don’t know, it might be someone else’s’ cat. she said "it doesn’t have a collar so it came out of nowhere."

We kept walking to the park and around halfway there, the cat went into a storm drain. This made the little boy cry and the little girl was sad. After a couple of minutes, the cat came out and she enthusiastically said ‘the cat is back!" and they ran off after the cat again.

I asked them several times to come over to where I was because we needed to get back home and eventually, they listened and she cried good-bye kitty, which actually almost made me cry. there must be something wrong with me because, writing about this is almost making me cry as well. I don’t know what’s going on.

Traveling back from halfway to the park and the house, I didn’t hear the kids so I assumed that maybe they had ran off to the house ahead of me. Sometimes that happens but when I got to the house, there were no kids.

I went back to the park, feeling pissed off because they really never listen and in the grand picture, I don’t really get any respect around here anyway, but I got to the park, and still no kids.

I went back home and the door was open and they were in the house and the little girl said "the kitty is in the house." I asked how that happened and she said "we accidentally left the door open and the cat accidentally followed us into the house."

She got a can of cat food from the closet, put it in a little plastic bowl from her play kitchen, then went out to the garage to get the litter box and the cat carrier.

I texted the wife and said "You might as well pick up some cat litter, I guess we have a new pet."

The little girl said "I promise I’ll take care of her, I’ll feed her and give her water". I said "who’s going to change the litterbox?" She said "You, daddy"> and I thought to myself I always get the shit end of the stick don’t I?

When the wife got home, she said "that’s someone else’s cat" and being the kind of people we are, I called a friend of mine who is pretty good at getting animals back to their owners. Between her and the wife who put a picture on her Facebook page, we learned who the owner was.

So we may be going to look for a cat this weekend and it’ll be just another lifeform that I have to take care of, though I like cats better than children, honestly.


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