I love living with a genius

Said in total sarcasm after you read the following account, you’ll probably agree with me that this is the "duh" moment of the year.

The wife is laying wood flooring on the second floor and after she finished a section, she came downstairs to cool off for a bit and then take a shower and proceed to get ready to go to a baby shower for a co-worker, never mind that she’s hated her job for the last year or so.

Since she has a bone spur and it’s hard on her heel, the teenager brought the electric saw up and put it in the little boy’s room so she could cut wood for the floor. The window was open so that sawdust wouldn’t go all over the room so I went upstairs to close the windows since it was getting chilly anyway.

When I went into the little girls room, my foot hit something and I felt on the floor and it was an open bucked of glue. Before I walked into the room, the wife called form downstairs "I’m leaving" so I couldn’t advise her that maybe she should have put the lid on the glue. She would have had some perfectly logical reason why it was that way, and then, later, to add dumb to stupid, when I was walking over to the little boy’s room to be sure he was in bed, I felt the lid to the bucket with a metal spreader on it which felt like it had dried glue all over it.

Not to mention that the electric saw is still in his room to which I said to the wife "the teenager should carry that back downstairs after you’re done for the day." And she says "It’s okay, he can’t ready the button to turn it on anyway.

I’ve said it before probably but I’ll repeat it just in case it isn’t obvious. The more we’re together, the less I feel I understand her.

Sure the kids didn’t get into the glue but any thinking logical person would know that that’s not the point at all.

Doesn’t this just go beyond absolutely ridiculous?


One thought on “I love living with a genius

  1. ASININE of epic proportions..


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