more incompatibilities

the other day the little girl called me a name, I can’t remember what it was but it pissed me off so I sent to her room.

The wife said something like "really? If she just calls me a name, I ignore it because she knows it doesn’t bother me and she’ll stop. She wants a reaction".

In my mind, it’s a matter of respect. I would have never talked to my parents the ways these bratty kids talk to their parents because I wouldn’t be here writing this blog today and that’s one of the problems. People don’t have respect anymore. The kids don’t listen to us and the wife has no respect for me, or so it feels like that when almost every attempt for me to do something to correct a behavior is met with a shot logic excuse in her mind.

I just wonder how different and incompatible we’re becoming.


10 thoughts on “more incompatibilities

  1. I actually agree with both of you. I’ve learned especially with girls, if they are craving some attention, they will do something outrageous to get it. Watch this, they think, bet you see or hear me now. It’s a tough balance. And the more you react, the more they get your goat, the more they do the things that drive you crazy. Yes kids should always be respectful bit that’s just not realistic. Sometimes it’s necessary to ponder why they act a certain way and less about the acting part. Just my two cents but I am certainly no expert on parenting


  2. Very incompatible. Teaching the kids respect is a necessity in my opinion. I don’t tolerate disrespect from mine as old as they are. It doesn’t help that the wife is not an active participant in your marriage or in raising the kids. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for throwing in the towel. Just saying.


  3. There is definitely a huge disconnect that you feel so unheard, unappreciated, un-liked, and un-loved. It’s a good thing and SUPER HEALTHY that you still have what is important to you as a man with talents! YOu do your music and I respect that so much. Because you find the time to do your hobby/love/passion anyway. Even putting it first, would n’t be un-healthy or illogical. If you set the example of throwing your self into something you love, maybe the kids will do it tooo.! ANd even though they are no fun at this asinine and selfish age, they do get older and grow up and move out. Which you will still have your music and maybe be super famous for it !!! (OR NOT! ) ahaha and they will see your example. they will know loved them and they will know you tried (cuz you do try really hard and its’ so cute! ) and they will feel guilty and feel bad . and be grateful later. They just are not grateful now, they don’t know how to be. but you do. Be grateful to the universe for your gift and continue to embrace and publish that art, and they can fly out a window. But they will fly back in and look for you and love and appreciation and support and advice. ANd you’ll give it like you always do, and they know what to expect because they are familiar with your voice and tone and sound and sage advice. THey don’t appreciate it now.. But they will and they’ll know what you’ll say and they’ll know what to expect. So soften your tone and maybe they’ll ask you more often.


  4. Right now you feel like you have to be bossy and say stuff like do this and do that. the discipline thing is so challenging. I get it. But if you pick some sage one-liners that are super corny and superficial and surface (and fun) – cuz you’ll have a lot of fun with this… is saying stuff like, “the rocket to the moon is 100 million miles” (whateve is the real fact) I wish I could go to the moon”. ANd then the kids are like “what”? and they may contemplate it too, or set the their goals for new heights or find fun facts to share with you too ( to show off ) cuz they’re asenine and selfish and greedy and showoffy cuz they require 110% attention – which they don’t get so they are frustrated and difficult and annoying 110% of the time….
    Say stupid factoid stuff in response to their stupid stuff and maybe they’ll smarten up a little ! Trying to prove you wrong, which would be super fun an amazing right? cuz your not,… so they cant’ ! HA !
    Or find some shakespearan or poetic one-liners you can memorize that making you sound super zen. THen they remember dad as being overly wise but our go-to guy! For life advice.
    which is the fun stuff!
    p.s. speaking to Shakespeare, use some Taming of the Shrew to speak to your wife for a week. that’ll be fun!


    • the wife says that I have a head full of useless shit, like I remembered a friend’s birthday because it’s one day before the anniversary of the moon landing and she’s like “how the hell do you know that?” She doesn’t memorize anything she can look up but if there’s ever a power grid failure, she’ll be so screwed.


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