some people never ever learn

The wife is pissed off at the kids because she says that they moved her tools again, items she uses to strip cabinets for painting.

When she’s doing a house project, after she’s done for the day, does she put tools back in the garage? You can probably guess the answer and she just doesn’t get that kids play with shit. That’s just how they are.

So she goes out the door saying "I have to go to the fucking store to buy more fucking tools because those fucking kids can’t keep their god damned fucking hands off anything for two fucking days."

She leaves shit all over the house, screwdrivers, hammers, leaves extra screws in the bottom of open cabinets, having the delusional idea that the kids aren’t going to play with them because they should just intuitively know that it’s off limits.

What a fucking joke.

every waking moment is now going to be spent on getting the floors finished upstairs in time for the appraisal so that’s more time not interacting with the kids but there’s really nothing knew about any of this shit.

At what point do you say "fixing up the house is done and just live a normal life doing other things? I guess I’ll never really know the answer to that question.

Oh sure, I could say "You know you shouldn’t leave shit laying around" but she’d have some nice excuse for why it has to be her way and not anyone else’s.


10 thoughts on “some people never ever learn

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    What’s she thinking?! Of course kids are gonna play with things that are left out. My husband does this (though not that often) and gets irritated when he can’t find things. I tell him to be more responsible and it wouldn’t be a problem!

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  2. What the actual FUCK?! That shit shouldn’t be lying around for the littles to play with! Its no one’s fault but her own. She needs a fucking reality check. Can I give it to her?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!?!

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  3. SD Gates says:

    My husband does the same thing, leaves tools around for months after using them. I have been told, time and time again, I always move things and then he can’t find them. But then he goes to look for a tool and it’s not there, because it is where ever he left it and he gets mad at the rest of us and says ” I don’t mind you using my tools, but can you put them back where they belong.” And we say, “But you never do.” and he says “I always put things back when I use them.” and we just laugh, because we know that is so untrue!!!!!


  4. i was talking to someone the other day and she said her husband was disorganized. when he couldn’t find a hammer, he’d go to the store and buy a new one. when they ended up going their separate ways, they had 10 hammers!

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  5. Can’t keep their hands off stuff? Give the chore of pick up! make it work for her, by letting them touch the shit and putting it away (or together or into a big plastic tub (so she can carry it around with her room-to-room.) She needs to let them help. Let’s not criminalize them when we can put them to work!


    • a friend of mine once asked her why she doesn’t have them pick up the family room and she said “it’s too stressful” I’m sure you’re shaking your head in disbelief just now or maybe that’s a common parenting phrase now, I don’t know.


  6. Oh and never being done? Yeah! She should read a book or two on being happy with “where you’re at” (in life, in relationships, with your day, with work etc…bs like that . hey my website! HAHA pick a phrase or two to use for the week! Get brainwashed with some zen sh– and then you can’t help but relay the calm!


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