alphabet game via Shannon: via Tessa

I was inspired by the following post: so here are my answers.

A- Age: 49

B- Biggest Fear: Being in a fire

C- Current Time: 8:01 AM. double checked the time to be sure it didn’t roll over to 8:02 even after writing this sentence.

D- Drink you last had: having coffee now but had wine last night.

E- Easiest Person To Talk to: probably my friend Shannah in North Dakota, when I actually talk to her by voice.

F- Favorite Song: Starless by King Crimson, so many memories of being with my best friend Adam over one fun summer.

G- Ghosts, are they real?: I don’t exclude the possibility but I don’t believe I’ve experienced one but then, how would I really know? Every time I walk into my bedroom on the way to the bathroom, I always have the feeling that I’m being followed by someone, even though the children don’t do that anymore so is that a ghost or just a projection of my mind with past experiences?

H- Hometown: Warwick Rhode Island

I- I can’t: drive and it would be so much easier if I could.

J- Jealous Of: people who are happy, and I don’t mean the rainbows and sunshine shit, but the people who are content and I know that all of you know better than to say the tired old "Happiness is a choice" which people on facebook have said.

K- Killed Someone?: no but I have thought about it.

L- Last time you cried?: I don’t remember

M- Middle Name: Kenneth

N- Number of Siblings: 3, a younger brother, an older brother who is a year and three days older than me, and a younger sister.

O- One Wish: to see the stars. I was told by the wife when we first met that this was a selfish wish.

P- Person who you last called: The exterminator.

Q- Question you’re always asked: isn’t it hard being blind, though I don’t get asked that much but it seems to be the question that comes to mind.

R- Reason to smile: because it’s the culturally acceptable option but that’s not the answer I’d give, that’s the facebook answer. My answer is because, though throwing a glass across the room creates quite a cathartic sound, it creates a lot of problems in my little universe. lol. but it makes me smile when I hear the little boy laugh when I tickle him.

S- Song last sang: twinkle twinkle little star to the little girl at bed time. Other than that, I don’t like to sing.

T- Time you woke up: 6:30 AM

U- Underwear Color: white

V- Vacation Destination: Any place but here

W- Worst Habit: biting my nails probably

X- X-Rays you’ve had: right foot, upper right arm and I had an MRI on my shoulder. Those machines make some really cool sounds.

Y- Your favorite food: Carbs

Z- Zodiac Sign: Libra


2 thoughts on “alphabet game via Shannon: via Tessa

  1. Wishing to see the stars is NOT a selfish thing. Let’s not get me started on the “wife”. The best place to see the stars is far from the city lights. Sometimes you can even see bands of the Milky Way. BEAUTIFUL. Loved this!!!


  2. I think wishing to see the stars is a lovely wish. I see the “Happiness is a choice” thing a lot. It is a bit aggravating. Making a choice doesn’t always mean it will happen. Love the laughter, infectious. You can’t not smile, lol.


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