fuck my stupid life

the wife and I were talking last night and the subject of Thanksgiving came up and she wants to stay home and cook this year instead of going out.

I told her that that’s okay that her and her dad enjoy cooking for the holidays anyway and the kids aren’t that much going to be a problem getting in the way when she’s cooking and that sort of thing.

She said "yeah and they’re older" and I said "the little girl is always difficult" and she said "you seem to be able to handle her better than I can on most days, except for the discipline, I seem to have to do that."

That fucking pissed me off because when I do try to discipline the kids, she doesn’t like the way I do things and I don’t know why the hell I didn’t say anything right there and then but now I’m fucking pissed but at the same time I don’t want to fight with her about something and I just wish I could fucking disappear form this dumb life have and just magically be somewhere else forever.

Fuck this shit.


6 thoughts on “fuck my stupid life

  1. I have nights like that as well when I am steaming with anger but not wanting to fight. The problem with me at least is them I act passive aggressive and the small things build and build because Indidnt deal with the main thing I was angry about in the first place. Communication is tough and sometimes it backfires. Anger sucks!


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