if I had no voice

my mind, oftentimes, works in very strange ways, conjuring up thoughts of the bizarre and unusual.

Last week, I almost lost my voice and one benefit to that happening is that I was unable to yell at the kids.

That lead me to thinking of what would my life be like without a physical voice.

At times, I relish this thought because, after nonstop talking to the kids, asking them to do stuff, reminding them about their chores, asking how their days went at school with various questions, the thought of not having a voice is very appealing because, I no longer want to talk to anyone.

And then my mind went to sex and eroticism as it often does, being one who is basically in a sexless marriage for the last almost 6 years, something you probably didn’t need to know, but it’s my blog so anyway.

What would sex be like if you couldn’t use your voice? For someone like me who is blind, it’s an interesting thought, and something that could be a fascinating experiment, to have sex with someone but neither of us permitted to utilize the voice. She could tell that I was getting pleasure simply by visually observing my body language, facial expressions and so on. I thought about it and wondered, how would I know about the same from her if there were no vocal cues?

I’d have to tune into the physical aspects of her body, would have to feel the tension, be tuned into the changes in breathing and other sensations.

Just something I was thinking about while the wife is working. The little girl asked "Where’s mommy?" I said "she’s working again." She said "At the Bye-bye office?" I said "yes" and she said {"Oh no, not again".

These little exchanges make me a little sad but it brings home just how uninvolved she is in the lives of her children, regardless of how much she talks about being there, she’s really not but then I’d be the one who is ridiculous if I pointed out such an observation.


6 thoughts on “if I had no voice

  1. How many times have you pointed it out? Too many to count I believe. I do like the thought of the not using vocal cues during sex. Although I’d be the first to fail LOL 🙂


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