I think I’m done

the teenager didn’t take out the trash or recycle yesterday so it could be picked up by the city and the wife came home and said "I’m so done" ‘I’ve had it and I’m taking his keys so he can ride the bus to school"

So this morning, what happens? He takes his keys and goes off to school anyway. I would guess that she didn’t even talk to him about any of this. I was going to suggest that if his grades aren’t up to par when we see the report card next week, that I also take the phone for the next 6 weeks because I’m sure all he does is sit in his room and skype with his girlfriend all night.

but at least he’s not on drugs right? Oh yeah, I forget about that little bit of information. Just because it could be worse doesn’t exempt us from having expectations, him at least making a small effort to live up to those expectations and then there being consequences if he doesn’t do so.

but it could always be worse. That’s her shit logical answer for everything.

even other friends of mine have said that she has a nonexistent parenting style.

She doesn’t believe in spanking the children but always uses it as a threat, using the stupid logic that "sometimes that all they need, is a threat and then they listen" and she doesn’t want to yell at the kids.

Sure, I agree that if those were the only tools in your parenting arsenal, then maybe you’d have a problem but when I suggest consequences for actions and get met with "that won’t work" I’m having this scenario in my mind lately where he comes home with a bad report card and I say "I’m taking your phone for the next 6 weeks" the wife says "that’s not going to work" and I lose it and say "I’m fed up with you telling me what consequences will or won’t work," turn to the teenager and say "I’m tired of you not getting your head out of your stupid ass" and "You only get out of this life what you put into it and right you’re doing a miserable job" and "I’m tired of these other two kids fighting all the time and not listening to a single word we say" and "I’ve had it, and like you, I’m done but I’m going out!" and I walk out the door, go down to the park and call a friend to come pick me up so I can stay at her house for a few days.

Maybe Paxil is a good thing for parenting.

She just told me "if it happens again with the trash and recycle, he gets no allowance which means that he’ll have no gas money so he’ll have to take the bus to school. That’s the thing, it’s that "if it happens again" qualifier. You know it will and there won’t be any consequences. And if I’m told over and over that doing this or that won’t work, where does that leave me?


2 thoughts on “I think I’m done

  1. It leaves you on the hamster wheel of death. Get out while you can. I know you care and love the little ones, but enough is enough. Not only is she a nonexistent parent, she’s a nonexistent partner. You might as well be a single dad.
    You and the littles deserve better. Fuck everyone deserves better right now.

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  2. Parenting is always so hard. The line between giving discipline and feeling guilt is one I struggle with all the time. I wish I could help and offer an answer but I am guilty of this as well. Is there a right answer or just having to meet in the middle and compromise when it comes to both parenting styles. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong? So frustrating huh and the way our kids disrespect our rules is challenging as well. If you find a solution please share because I think many of us are in the same boat 😦

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