it’s a Monday and I’m already pissed off

the kids woke up before I did and the wife told both of them to take off their diapers. Usually not a big deal, but when I get up, I go out into the kitchen to make my coffee and I feel something odd next to my foot. I bend down to feel what it is and, surprise, it’s some shit. Fucking great!!! So after I get that disgusting mess off my hand, I go into the office and ask the wife "did you check to see if he pooped before you told him to take off his diaper?" She said "I didn’t know until afterwards that he had done that". I said "Well, I just found some shit on the kitchen floor and I don’t know if there’s more". She just says "Okay" and goes back to work.

Now, here’s the question. If you had a blind partner and something like that had happened, wouldn’t you at least go into the kitchen to see if there was any more poop on the floor to avoid the possibility of having what might be left tracked through the house or accidently picked up?

You see, this is the kind of shit (I love puns but not that one) that make me wonder why the hell she even wanted these kids in the first place.

and for my new followers as well as those of you who have followed my wearisome journey from the beginning, there’s still a lot you don’t know, a lot I haven’t written out.

It seem the only solace I have these days is my music and performing on the internet.

Here are some links to 4 performances, each around a half hour or so.

I hope you enjoy the music and like my writing, none of this is thought out or rehearsed ahead of time. I just play what I feel.

Thanks for listening.


6 thoughts on “it’s a Monday and I’m already pissed off

  1. SD Gates says:

    Sorry in advance for this poop pun.
    That’s a really crappy way to start out your day. And yes your wife should absolutely go clean up at the mess. What the heck!?


  2. Your music is so great!


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