sometimes it sucks being a blind parent

after the kids got home from school, the little girl asked me if she and her brother could ride their scooters out front. I said "Yes but don’t leave the yard." I went out there with them and called them just to find out where they were and I got no answer. I called a little louder and still no answer. So I went to the neighbor’s house and asked him to help me find the kids. They were a few houses down. I wanted to spank buts for leaving without letting me know but spanking in the past hasn’t solved a single problem and I don’t know what it would have taught them. besides the wife doesn’t believe in spanking, only using it as an empty threat which she says is a deterrent enough to unwanted behavior the same as telling them to go to bed. She’ll say "go to bed" they’ll say "No" and she’ll say "then stop it." I don’t know if I told you about the time I spanked the little girl for willfully peeing on her mom’s couch? If I didn’t let me know and I’ll recap the story along with the wife’s reaction.

If I wasn’t able to get a neighbor to help out, I wouldn’t have known where they were until the wife got home and then she probably would have just said "Good going Scott" like she did the other day when they walked out the front door that she had opened.

I just don’t know what to do about these kids anymore.


2 thoughts on “sometimes it sucks being a blind parent

  1. It’s not the kids it’s the lack of spousal and parental support. Oooo I’m irked for you…I just want to smack her for you


  2. Monetary gain. Find theirs. There is something they treasure, love and adore beyond all else. For a three or four year olds, it could be popsicles, but most likely a stuffed animal or blanket. For 8 or 10 years old, these days, their phone. IN ADVANCE, you warn them, “if you do not do what I say, I take away the “whatever””. Now this extremely over used, the same as your wife’s’ “bribing”… but for you at- wit’s- end- moments. Moments when you need them to follow your instructions, because it is imperitive and extremely important- try it. Let them fail. Take the prized possession item. 1 day, one week, however long you can stand it (but it has to be longer than an hour).

    In our house… there have been a few “f’s” on assignments since school started. Husband said (he has to lay down the hammer, ‘cuz I could never do it AND FOLLOW THROUGH! – which is a whole other lesson in reluctant parenting) ” I’m taking away your MAC”…. It’s been all “A’s” ever since. When we say yes you can do this thing but if you are not back, blah blah blah – I take your phone. .. . . trust me they are back ! BUT – it requires the FOLLOW THROUGH exercises a couple three times so they know you are serious. They really can’t go to a friend’s house this weekend etc. if….. blahblalhblah, and they know you MEAN IT! – They will obey! For wit’s- end- moments, practice follow through on things that don’t really matter or aren’t life or death, just to play with it and see if it works for you … and your AT- WITS- END- MOMENTS!!!- It will take care itself. They will obey. They will do the right thing because they will believe you and cant’ live with out (the car, the phone, the bed, the door to their bedroom, the I MAC, the favorite blanket or toy, the popsicle). MONETARY GAIN Lesson #1 for you in saving your sanity !


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