runaway children and the good job I do

I heard a leaf blower outside this morning and since the wife had the front door and all the windows open to air out the house, I decided to take my phone out there and record the sound. I love to record stuff and while I was out there, both children came outside, the little boy in his underwear but at least the little girl had her dress on. I told the little boy to get back in the house and before I could grab him to put him in that direction, he just ran off. I called after him a couple of times but he didn’t respond to me. Like I can just chase him down.

So I went back into the house and asked the wife if Leah was in here and she said "No, she’s outside." I said that the little boy was too and she said "So you’re just going to let him stay out there, nice job Scott." And I said "what the hell can I do, I can’t just chase him down."

after she found the kids and brought them back, she put the little girl in timeout and told the little boy that he can’t just run off and then she said "Listen to your fucking daddy" with clenched teeth, might I add.

After a while I said "I’m sorry about what happened earlier and she just said ‘I was just frustrated that they don’t listen to you" I said "they don’t listen to you either but it’s to a larger degree with me".

No wonder I need a drink every day of my stupid life?


2 thoughts on “runaway children and the good job I do

  1. I feel you..only I don’t drink wine


  2. unacceptable on all the levels


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