why even have an opinion

the wife needs to run some errands, one of which is to get some clothes for the little girl.

She begrudgingly said "I should take her to do that and it’ll be a consolation that I can come back and work on the floor which will be infinitely more enjoyable than running errands.

I said "don’t take her if it’s going to be miserable for you to run your errands.

She said "but if I take her, it’ll give you a break and when I get back, we can tag team it and I can work on the floor."

I said "we tag team it anyway so if you don’t really want to take her, don’t, I’ll be okay."

‘I get breaks when they’re sleeping’ and before I could say anything else she said "and during the week" which sounded like she was saying that she was doing me a favor by taking her out, that’s how I interpreted it from her tone anyway.

She said "but if I don’t take her out she’ll never learn, right?"

See? There’s more of that counteracting my argument so I just said "it’s up to you" when I really wanted to say "I don’t give a fuck what you do" but that would have pissed her off and probably rightly so.

The weird thing about breaks that working parents think we get is that they’re not really breaks unless I’m just totally fucking screwed up in the head because, even when they’re sleeping, I’m always on a very low level crisis alert mode anyway because you just never know what will happen.

I remember when the little girl was smaller, I would often hear her crying when she really wasn’t and some moms that I talked to said that this was normal but I always felt that it wasn’t because I was hearing things that really weren’t there.

I mean, I would even say to the wife ‘Is the little girl crying" and she’d say no but I could really hear it but when I would get close to her room, there wasn’t a sound.

I started to think that maybe I was going crazy, but that sort of thing never happened with the little boy, ever.


2 thoughts on “why even have an opinion

  1. SD Gates says:

    I don’t think that being on alert ever goes away, even when they get bigger. I can be out in the garden and hear sirens in the distance and if I know my boys are out driving, I start to wonder if they are okay, and pray the sirens are not for them. That’s kind of twisted, huh? As far as taking the little girl shopping, I think it would be good for them, besides they probably wouldn’t be gone long as it seems your wife’s titer for irritation is pretty minimal from what I gathered from your posts. Hope you are doing well otherwise!!!!!


  2. Having kids around is exhausting and the job never ends! Ever. Even when my 2 are asleep, I lie awake worrying about them. I think it’s even worse now that the are both teenagers. The problems just get more worrisome 😦 Parenting is hard


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