am I overreacting?

the wife took the teenager to Tennessee this weekend so he could meet his online girlfriend and this morning she called me and we talked for a while and she said that he had already pissed her off.

I asked what happened and she said that when she had left the hotel in the morning, maybe to go to breakfast, I didn’t ask, when she returned, the teenager and his girlfriend were just leaving so she knew that they had been in the room by themselves. He apparently told the housekeeper not to clean the room right then and she could tell that they had been in the bed. The teenager said that he had gone to the room to get another pair of pants and she obviously didn’t believe him.

I said "what are the consequences going to be?" She said "I don’t even want to think about it right now, I just want to enjoy the rest of my trip."

I told her that he probably doesn’t deserve for his girlfriend to come visit like she had talked about earlier, even if the teenager isn’t going to sleep in the same house as her when she’s here.

I understand teenage hormones and sexual desire, hell I have a way higher sex drive than the wife and it seems like the older I get, the more needs I have but that’s not the point.

They need to be responsible about things and take responsibility for their actions and that’s clearly not happening.

I wanted to tell the wife that the consequences should be that they come home a day early at least but she didn’t want to talk about it.

No wonder why no one ever listens to me around here ever. Whenever I try to suggest consequences for anything, I’m shut down by shit like that and that probably pisses me off more than the irresponsibility of the teenager.

sometimes it sucks being a blind parent

after the kids got home from school, the little girl asked me if she and her brother could ride their scooters out front. I said "Yes but don’t leave the yard." I went out there with them and called them just to find out where they were and I got no answer. I called a little louder and still no answer. So I went to the neighbor’s house and asked him to help me find the kids. They were a few houses down. I wanted to spank buts for leaving without letting me know but spanking in the past hasn’t solved a single problem and I don’t know what it would have taught them. besides the wife doesn’t believe in spanking, only using it as an empty threat which she says is a deterrent enough to unwanted behavior the same as telling them to go to bed. She’ll say "go to bed" they’ll say "No" and she’ll say "then stop it." I don’t know if I told you about the time I spanked the little girl for willfully peeing on her mom’s couch? If I didn’t let me know and I’ll recap the story along with the wife’s reaction.

If I wasn’t able to get a neighbor to help out, I wouldn’t have known where they were until the wife got home and then she probably would have just said "Good going Scott" like she did the other day when they walked out the front door that she had opened.

I just don’t know what to do about these kids anymore.

I’d like to say RIP to my life

It’s a Monday and on top of the little girl not being to find her shoes for school, which made her late, the lazy ass teenager has the washer and dryer tied up with his stupid laundry, dirty clothes in his basket and what I’m assuming is two loads of clean clothes in my laundry basket because he’s too fucking lazy to, (I don’t know, how about take the clean clothes upstairs)?

I’m tired of bailing these lazy stupid people out, I’m tired of yelling at stupid children who won’t ever fucking listen to a god damned word I ever say, and I don’t want to be a parent, not at this moment.

All parents go through this shit and I know that and I know that those of you who have teenagers have gone through similar shit, but today, I want to say RIP and on the headstone where this miserable life is buried, it’ll say…well, I’m too pissed off to think of an appropriate epitaph so fuck this shit.

I can do 8 loads of laundry in a day while taking care of sick children. Why the fuck can’t he get 5 loads done over a 48 hour period? It’s because all he does is talk on his stupid phone to his stupid online girlfriend who he and his mom are going to fly to Tennessee next weekend to meet, leaving me, again, alone with the little ones to look after. You know what, maybe I’ll just be gone when they get back.

runaway children and the good job I do

I heard a leaf blower outside this morning and since the wife had the front door and all the windows open to air out the house, I decided to take my phone out there and record the sound. I love to record stuff and while I was out there, both children came outside, the little boy in his underwear but at least the little girl had her dress on. I told the little boy to get back in the house and before I could grab him to put him in that direction, he just ran off. I called after him a couple of times but he didn’t respond to me. Like I can just chase him down.

So I went back into the house and asked the wife if Leah was in here and she said "No, she’s outside." I said that the little boy was too and she said "So you’re just going to let him stay out there, nice job Scott." And I said "what the hell can I do, I can’t just chase him down."

after she found the kids and brought them back, she put the little girl in timeout and told the little boy that he can’t just run off and then she said "Listen to your fucking daddy" with clenched teeth, might I add.

After a while I said "I’m sorry about what happened earlier and she just said ‘I was just frustrated that they don’t listen to you" I said "they don’t listen to you either but it’s to a larger degree with me".

No wonder I need a drink every day of my stupid life?

a goofy conversation

Leah asked her mom what used to be in a box and she said "doughnuts" and that they were for a snack. I said "but since you already had a snack, you can’t have them." Leah asked her mom where they were and she said "I don’t know, ask your daddy". Leah said "Daddy, where are the doughnuts?" I said "I’m not telling you since you already had a snack." She said "I just have to guess where they are." I said "The doughnuts are on the moon." lol.