it’s junk science isn’t it?

I asked the little girl to throw away a piece of trash and her younger brother took it from my hand and threw it away himself. She had a meltdown about not being able to throw away the trash. I will attempt the junk science of positive talk because it’s the only thing I have going at this very moment and the reason it’s junk science and total shit is because, if it’s raining and you’re convinced that it’s going to be sunny, it doesn’t change the fact that raindrops are still falling on your head despite all the mantras you can come up with to try to convince yourself otherwise. And if I hear one single word from anyone telling me that this is temporary there will be a sanity hearing as a result of unthought-of of crimes committed against whoever spouts such verbiage in my direction today.


3 thoughts on “it’s junk science isn’t it?

  1. SD Gates says:

    Umm – no verbiage from me about the days getting better – maybe just create another piece of junk for the little girl to throw away herself and everything will be right as rain (tee-hee – did you like my pun?).


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