she’s a sociopath

the other day, the wife was giving the little girl a bath and she said "I wish I was a giant so I could dump you into a trash can." The wife said "I love you too" and the little girl said "that’s not what I’m saying!"

Today, the little girl I guess was in her mom’s lap and they were playing a little bit and the little girl was getting a bit rough and the wife said "why are you trying to hurt me/" The little girl said "because I want to kill you".


9 thoughts on “she’s a sociopath

  1. SD Gates says:

    Oh – that’s a bit concerning. Do you think she knows what she is really saying?


    • I don’t have enough experience with children to know for sure. Some of my other followers do so if you guys have any thoughts, I’d appreciate them. Is this something to be concerned about really?

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      • SD Gates says:

        If I was a betting person – I would say, based on the things you have mentioned, that she is testing the waters. Because it doesn’t seem like your wife spends enough time with the kids – so now that she is spending time – little girl is trying to push her away, to see if she is really committed. It’s obvious that even as young as she is, she has some real resentment built up against her Mom and she doesn’t know if her Mom wanting to spend time with her is a genuine desire – so she is testing her by saying horrible things to her. I suspect she doesn’t really mean any of it, but she wants to know where her Mom really stands as far as being a committed and consistent parent. That’s my guess!


      • that’s an interesting and well thought out response and you may be right about that.

        The little girl and I had some fun at her park today so that was a nice little outing.

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      • SD Gates says:

        That’s cool. Hope things are going okay. Been out of the blogging loop the last couple of days, will have to catch up – see what’s going on.


      • I’ve been out of the blogging loop too. My father-in-law went home yesterday since he’s doing so much better. He still needs the crutches but he took a shower the other day without needing the chair that he bought.

        I’ve been playing around with my keyboard now that I’ve got it hooked up to the computer since I had to move it out into the living room while he was in the guest room and I got it so I can do live performances on the internet now. My first one will be this Friday night, probably close to 9 central time.

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      • SD Gates says:

        How exciting!!! I am glad your father-in-law isdoing well. That was a quick recovery.


  2. Anxious Mom says:

    How old is your daughter? Has she ever said anything like that to you or anyone else?


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