I knew this would happen

Last night my father-in-law texted me for help and I didn’t hear the phone go off even though it was next to my bed and I checked for messages every time I woke up, which was a lot. When I awoke to get the kids up, I saw that he needed help 2 hours earlier and this is the very reason that I feel a facility is best for the very short term. They have people who can attend to every need around the clock and sure, the teenager was able to help but what if he hadn’t heard his text notification go off either? The wife doesn’t ever think of the worst case scenario and I felt bad that I wasn’t able to help but I know that that’s my own issue. I have always been hard on myself but it is what it is, as she likes to say when she’s talking about a characteristic of hers that she can’t change.

It’s not that I don’t want to help and he’s already said that I’ve done the most for him so far out of everyone but during the critical period of recovery, I still wonder if someplace else is better for him? I know that things will get better over time so I just don’t know anymore.

I have a headache and a sore throat and I didn’t sleep well last night. Bla!


6 thoughts on “I knew this would happen

  1. SD Gates says:

    You changed the theme of your blog. It looks great!!!! I am sorry you are having to endure all of this by yourself. It sucks!!!!! At least your father-in-law seems to appreciate what you are doing for him.

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    • thanks, it’s the same theme I use on my other blog and I’m hoping it will make it easier for me to go through archives if I want to look something up from a while back.

      Getting him to the bathroom is a 5 to seven minute trip and it’s just around the corner form the guest room. Now, getting him to the shower, that’s going to be interesting. Neither of us have the experience with how to get someone in that condition into that setting. We’re thinking that he’ll ride in there with the wheelchair, he’ll get his crutches, get into the shower, sit on the chair he has and then I can turn on the shower or he can if he can reach it. at least it has a detachable head but it’s high up and he thought he could undo that while standing with the crutches. I said, “You won’t be able to do that because then you’ll only have one crutch because your arm would have to go reaching up to head level or higher.” He said that he didn’t think of that but that I or whoever takes him to the shower…I said “it’ll be me” can do that for him.

      This is going to be an interesting time.

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      • SD Gates says:

        Sounds like an amazing amount of work. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is to have you helping him, because if it was left up to anyone else – well, who knows what would happen.


      • and here’s the kicker which I’m sure won’t surprise you. The wife is going to spend tomorrow working on the stairs and then going to work for a client on Sunday. are you at all shocked?


  2. Yes a facility is really where he needs to be for the short term. And he does seem very appreciative that you are helping more than his own daughter. Sorry you slept so poorly and aren’t feeling well today. Feel better soon


  3. that would be hard to not be able to sleep. your brain is your organ that most needs rest.

    have you considered leaving out the middle (wo)man? talk to your fil, tell your concerns about sleep and what if last night was truly serious. you deserve to heard in this situation. i apologize before hand if he says yes. she will be soooo mad at you..


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