an update on the update

The wife and her dad just got home from Colorado and he got his wheelchair into our guestroom but it won’t fit in the bathroom, just like I told her it wouldn’t. I said "getting into the bathroom is a pretty important thing and he says "I’ll just wait until tomorrow when I have my crutches. She’s sleeping and has to be up in 4 hours to work and I said to her dad "you’d think that she can take some PTO considering what’s happened". He said "she’s got this project that has to be done today and the guy is a real ass about things.

I told him "Text me if you need anything and he said "My phone is about dead". I asked "Where’s your charger?" He said in the car but don’t worry about it. I said "The kids are going to be up in a bit, you’ll have to have the door closed so you can get sleep and you need a way to communicate." My phone has a good charge so I gave him my charger and when I did he said "I told you you didn’t have to do that’ to which I repeated the point about needing a way to communicate with someone out here.

They’re both so proud and stubborn and don’t want any help from anyone with anything. But she’ll tell the kids to "Go see daddy" a hundred times a day, even when she’s not working. Over the last 5 years, I’ve said "Go see mommy probably a hundredth of the times she’s said the opposite and I swear to you, that’s not an exaggeration.


One thought on “an update on the update

  1. SD Gates says:

    I believe it (that “go see your mother” is not used much in your household). Just like in my house, I am the “go to” person. The kids have learned over the years to just completely skip the “middle man” and they come directly to me, because that is where they will be referred anyway.


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