it’s always something isn’t it?

The wife’s dad got a motorcycle a few weeks ago and I don’t remember if I wrote about that but anyway, he decided to go on a cross country trip from Texas to California.

While the wife was at gymnastics with the little girl, after working on the stairs after work, she texted me and told me that he got into a wreck.

He cracked his pelvis as far as I know so the wife is driving to Colorado and the doctors are going to release him tomorrow apparently.

before she left she said "try not to get angry at the teenager, he’s going to be worried as it is and I know you two haven’t been getting along.

The teenager was supposed to work this weekend but he spent almost all of that time with his friend even though he said that he wanted to help his mom redo the staircase. He’s supposed to be taking care of her dad’s dog but he hasn’t done that very much either and they were talking about going to Tennessee if he had money to go meet his online girlfriend and I said "I am not taking care of that stupid dog while you guys are gone." They ignored me as usual and I remember a few months ago, the wife asked me if I would want to take in her dad’s dog if he died or couldn’t care for him and I said "not only no, but hell no". I don’t like dogs, I have never liked them so why would I want to take one in out of obligation?

She said "oh come on, really?" Now you know that those words, said in that order and with the inflection I’m sure you can hear, are designed to do nothing more than to marginalize the opposing viewpoint and make the recipient feel bad about his position and that shit just pisses me the fuck off, like I don’t have enough shit to be pissed off about in the first place.

I hope her dad will be okay though. She’ll text me as she’s going along on her trip and yes I’ll do my best not to clash with the teenager over anything at all.


4 thoughts on “it’s always something isn’t it?

  1. Oy vey. Too much for anyone. I’ll bail you out if need be


  2. SD Gates says:

    Hope your father-in-law is going to be okay. A fractured pelvis – that sucks. If the wife wants to care for her Dad’s dog , she should do it, but not leave it for you to do. You have enough on your plate already!!!


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