the lazy house chronicles chapter 9

the teenager was supposed to sweep the garage from all the dust he created making his shield for his larp game that he plays with his friends in the park and he still hasn’t done it, even though I asked him last night and even his mom made the same request later on.

He comes home from work and before he gets in the house she says "he still hasn’t swept the garage." I said "I asked him one time earlier today if he would do it and he said "I will".

Before her or I could even talk to him about it, he left again and even though he knows he’s supposed to tell us where he’s going, not a single word, nothing.

I asked her do you know where he went?" She said "No."

I said "Shouldn’t you text him and tell him to get his happy ass back here and clean up the garage?"

She said "No, I don’t need the extra stress."

I just said "whatever" and got the bath ready for the kids so at least she could do that, if nothing else.


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